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By Nico

Recruitment Moderators

We are in needed of More Moderators, If you want to become a Staff Member and have the qualifications all you have to do is Apply

By Nico

Reviewers International Project

The International Reviewers Project is still Ongoing!

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AD for "Graphic Designers"

The Forum announces the marketing and logistical services of its need for Members to take up a position as a GFX Designer, provided that the following conditions are met.

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Affiliate Servers

Do you have a [CS 1.6] or [CS: GO] server and don't have a forum for it? Apply in the community and you will receive DNS and free categories. 

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IP TeamSpeak 3 : StarGamerX /

To contact us more and learn, We Recommended you in using TeamSpeak 3.

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Reduction on Premium Servers Counter-Strike 1.6

Get a -15% reduction of 5.99$ with each premium server you purchase. All servers come with a custom panel to configure and customize, and a high DDoS Protection.


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  1. Name: @Phenomen. Old grade: Co-Leader New grade: Leader Reason: With us for a while Hope you don't disappoint us /GL
  2. Model UP/Down Name: Old grade: New grade: Reason: !!!In this topic only leaders/Co-leaders are allowed to post, those who want to thank can do so through a LIKE!!!
  3. Congrts feo .💛


    I tell you will get admin fi rmdan ..

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      Thanks to all 🥰

  4. Enjoy 😘 

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      big thanks Nico 😘

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  6. I promise you in Ramadan will get you Adminstator 😘 

    You are the most active person here, and all the time I see you. We need people like you 😘

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      Thank you man, I appreciate your interest in me

  7. I thought I would come to the aid of the admins with a tutorial on how to make a correct demo and how to behave certain types of code so that it can be more easily detected by you. How do we proceed? 1. First of all, we must put ourselves as a spectator on that player. 2. Type in the console record name to start the demo. The name is the name of the demo, NOT the name of the player. You can put anything instead of "name". Ex: record B1 / record cod / record freakz etc. 3. If you are SURE that you caught the part where the player used the code or vi
  8. Border Fonts Flares Particles Styles Blur hevvo 2017 / ACAB ARABU' [blur combinat facut din mai multe blururi,are si ACAB nistre drepturi prin blurul asta :)) ]
  9. Nick CS: Age: Steam Profile: Did you read the rules? Click: Link GameTracker click (write NICK there): REQUIREMENTS Know the rules of the server. ! Have at least 20 hours accumulated on the server before making the request! The minimum age is 16! Have a language that meets the rules! Carry the same name on both the TS3 server and the forum!
  10. Grades for which you pay monthly (bank transfer, paypal) I opened this topic because we want to reward your time spent on our server. 50 Hour's = V.I.P 1 Week 150 Hour's = V.I.P 2 Weeks 400 Hour's = V.I.P 3 Weeks 650 Hour's = V.I.P 5 Weeks 750 Hour's = V.I.P 6 Weeks 850 Hour's = V.I.P 7 Weeks 950 Hour's = V.I.P 8 Weeks 1000 Hour's = Permanent V.I.P [!] Other information If your request was accepted you need to send me ( @Nico ) a PM ( private message ) with the following details : Message name must be "V.I.P hour - Name" and
  11. information about how you can climb the grade as well as the requirements. Let's start first by presenting you with some information before the model. The hours required for each grade are: Owners 950 hours Co-Owners 650 hours Pre-Managers 480 hours Elders 200 hours Administrator 100 hours Helpers 40 hours If one of the founders of the server ( @Nico / @Hooligan- ) will respond to the request with rejected , the next request will be after one week The request must have title like this "[Upgrade Request] - Server Name" You can't skip a deg
  12. Nick : IP : Reason : Duration : Evidence :
  13. Absences and withdrawals are posted here ABSENT MODEL Nick: Grade: Reason: Period: WITHDRAWAL MODEL Nick: Grade: Reason:
  14. Nick current: New Nick : Reason: You are allowed to make such a request once a month
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