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By Nico

Recruitment Moderators

We are in needed of More Moderators, If you want to become a Staff Member and have the qualifications all you have to do is Apply

By Nico

Reviewers International Project

The International Reviewers Project is still Ongoing!

By Nico

AD for "Graphic Designers"

The Forum announces the marketing and logistical services of its need for Members to take up a position as a GFX Designer, provided that the following conditions are met.

By Nico

Affiliate Servers

Do you have a [CS 1.6] or [CS: GO] server and don't have a forum for it? Apply in the community and you will receive DNS and free categories. 

By Nico

IP TeamSpeak 3 : StarGamerX /

To contact us more and learn, We Recommended you in using TeamSpeak 3.

By Nico

Reduction on Premium Servers Counter-Strike 1.6

Get a -15% reduction of 5.99$ with each premium server you purchase. All servers come with a custom panel to configure and customize, and a high DDoS Protection.


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  1. Hey Guys ! 

    Soon CSDM deathmatch V2 By DadoDz !!!

    😄 🙂 

  2. Hey Guys New Video Check It 


  3. Hi, how are you . Nothing Big News But A New Addons Edit by me go check it if there is a problem contact me !

    Link Download

    1. DadoDz


      Soon Addons : CSDM Sentry + Dispenser + Laser Mine + Shop Menu + Knife Menu + Vip Menu And Other ....



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