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By Nico

Recruitment Moderators

We are in needed of More Moderators, If you want to become a Staff Member and have the qualifications all you have to do is Apply

By Nico

Reviewers International Project

The International Reviewers Project is still Ongoing!

By Nico

AD for "Graphic Designers"

The Forum announces the marketing and logistical services of its need for Members to take up a position as a GFX Designer, provided that the following conditions are met.

By Nico

Affiliate Servers

Do you have a [CS 1.6] or [CS: GO] server and don't have a forum for it? Apply in the community and you will receive DNS and free categories. 

By Nico

IP TeamSpeak 3 : StarGamerX /

To contact us more and learn, We Recommended you in using TeamSpeak 3.

By Nico

Reduction on Premium Servers Counter-Strike 1.6

Get a -15% reduction of 5.99$ with each premium server you purchase. All servers come with a custom panel to configure and customize, and a high DDoS Protection.


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  1. The Boss is back ... ;) 

  2. Congrts for leader over... You have low acctive . i hope you make acctive .. 

  3. Welcome Back LMAO 🙂 

  4. Congrts feo .💛


    I tell you will get admin fi rmdan ..

    1. TwiZzy


      Thanks to all 🥰

  5. What about shadowszm

  6. Now my fb : Oussama Chibout. 

    Add me .

  7. Congrts

    1. Baris arduc

      Baris arduc

      thank you ❤️ 

    2. TwiZzy


      Welcom to designer staff

  8. I gave you this, I hope that you will impress them with your work

    Show me your art

  9. I hate you— I hate you because I know, I still love you deep inside my heart.
    There are moments that I stare blankly in the air, and it is you that I'm thinking. I still go back to our old conversation, looking for answers, searching where it all went wrong. I still visit the places where we made these memories you left, hoping to see you by chance or by God's will.
    There are so many questions left unanswered. And as much as I want to give them my own, it sucks that I want to hear them from you— even if those words meant to kill me inside.
    Maybe it hurts this much because I never had the chance to hear your goodbyes— you just walked away.

    1. Nico


      lol wachno hada xD !

  10. chof m3aya doka ndir l server nt3aQ hana fi coummnty hadi forum nt3ii :) 

    1. Nico


      9iw :v haah 

    2. Hooligan-


      ana kont d5al 3ndi .-, 

  11. Now person's 🙂 

    1. The Man
    2. The Man

      The Man

      gtlik khas ngado skinat asahbi homa lwala 


  12. I promise you in Ramadan will get you Adminstator 😘 

    You are the most active person here, and all the time I see you. We need people like you 😘

    1. TwiZzy


      Thank you man, I appreciate your interest in me

  13. The Coummnty Need Staff Acctive EvreTime!


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