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[Overwatch] Tutorial despre depistarea codurilor

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I thought I would come to the aid of the admins with a tutorial on how to make a correct demo and how to behave certain types of code so that it can be more easily detected by you.


How do we proceed?



1. First of all, we must put ourselves as a spectator on that player.
2. Type in the console record name to start the demo. The name is the name of the demo, NOT the name of the player. You can put anything instead of "name".
       Ex: record B1 / record cod / record freakz etc.
3. If you are SURE that you caught the part where the player used the code or violated the rules, write in the stop console to save.

Where is the demo saved?

1. The demo is saved in the csstrike folder. The folder is located in the file where you installed the CS.
       Ex: If when you did the demo, you wrote in the record console freakz, the demo is called freakz.dem

How to view a demo?

1. Very easy. Type in the console startdemos name.
        a] You can NOT view a demo if you are already on a cs server. My advice is to exit ALL CS, and then enter again. Then open the console and proceed as I wrote above. (this happens in some cases, it depends on the CS of each one)

Upload the demos to
* If you don't catch the part where the respective player used code, post the demo in vain! My advice is to check the demo before posting it!
* Don't demo an entire map, no one stays 25 minutes to watch a demo! In the demo to catch the part where the player used code / etc. It doesn't matter if the demo is short. The idea is to make it clear that he has violated the rules, or in the most common cases, that he has used code.
* It is preferable for a demo to contain at least 3 rounds.


Correct use of the ESP plugin

        1. Demo for wall:

- ESP ON (ON / OFF ESP is made from the UP / DOWN arrows)
- Nr. 2 Box in ON
-The rest of the options should be OFF!
* Box in ON means: those green vectors that indicate only opponents!

2. Demo for aim:

-ESP OFF (ON / OFF ESP is done from the UP / DOWN arrows)
- The options are switched ON / OFF to the number corresponding to the respective key! EX: Option No. 2 to be ON press 2, to be OFF press 2 more times!
In the case of an aim suspect, we need the image to remain as clear as possible so that the recoil is perfectly visible!

How do you detect certain types of code !!!

The wall hack usually comes bundled with several codes (+ aim, + speed, etc). In my opinion it is the hardest to detect ... in the case of those who know how to play with it.
On the server, admins have access to ESP. ESP is also a wall to help administrators find encryption.
In principle, you can tell if a player has a wall by the way he moves on the map, namely: - where he looks, where and when he stops, when he shoots.
Most wall players aim straight at the enemy from the moment they see him through the wall ... so you'll see him more aiming at the wall than at the road he's going. These are easy to detect with the help of ESP, you will practically see what he sees ... the enemies. Not to be confused with players who play the sound !!!! It is very easy when you play the sound to realize the distance and the direction from which an enemy comes and goes and there is the possibility to aim at the ESP box because of this.
In most cases, those with a wall do PRE-FIRE. What is pre-wire? I shoot before the player comes out of the corner / wall / boxes / etc. Besides, when a player is static (hidden behind boxes, wall, etc.) the player with the wall will know that he is there and will kill him. Be careful because there are enough wall players who prefer not to make such fragments just so as not to be detected. For those who play the sound (and who know how to play the sound) it is easy, for others it is harder.

What is anti-ss?
Anti-ss is as the name implies a cheat / script that delays the command on the ss server by stopping the wallhack or any other cheat hint and then executing the ss command on a clean screen. Therefore it can be detected only depending on how the ss plugin is set on the server. On a default plugin it should look something like this: on the first picture there is no "stamp" on the second a row with admin x took a screenshot blah blah, on the third two rows with blah-blah and so on. be careful that there are no empty rows between the blah rows (this certifies the use of anti-ss) the blah blah rows can be interspersed with rows like "X was weighed by y" or "xa thrown fb / he / hg "etc. but by no means empty rows.
Here is another exception: if the user had problems with the net such as CLFlushEntityPacket when the pictures were taken, then it is possible to see empty rows, however this can be checked quickly because at least one picture will appear. in the upper right written in red this error.
There are other clues that depend on how the ss plugin was set on the server. There are servers with different ways of doing ss- depending on how it was set.

How do you find ANTI - SS
First of all, you have to pay attention to the details of the pictures. It is not a specific rule like "number of rows" or other things. There are different types of ss plugins that make anti ss act differently.
What details? For example: - duplicate pictures (generally the first picture is the incriminating picture), the anti ss will duplicate another picture (the 2nd picture made by SS), so there will be 2 identical pictures. Chat lines or lines that show who is killing who. Radar or player position, time of pictures.
If a player is ordered to send and does not respond or is late enough, be extra careful. Of course, there are players who have weak computers ... but they are extremely few due to the current requirements of a PC configuration, but still ... there are cases.
Here is a link where you can check if the pictures are modified in any way: CLICK
Attention, the photo extension made by SS is always .BMP. If a picture has another extension it is clearly modified and that player must be BANATED.
You also have to pay attention to the size (size) of the pictures. Large pictures are modified.
Conclusion, more attention to detail in the case of pictures and remember one thing ... the most effective way to know if a player uses code is through DEMO, my suggestion is to use DEMO + ESP. If you are not sure that a player has a code, you know where to post it.

Leis (Silent Aim)
1 What is Silent Aim?
A program often found in the form "Leis.exe" accompanied by a document containing its settings and a .dll!

2 How does Silent Aim work?
Simple, activate it, enter the server and break the opponents' heads.

3. How do we detect this code?

To detect the aim you must pay close attention to the following aspect:
Bullet trajectory [NOSPREAD]: Bullets go to a fixed point, or to a very small area:

Activated code ->
No code ->

Esp are small squares that appear in the middle of the opponent. Just like the ones that appear in the admins when ESP (u) is activated, namely those boxes that show the position of the opponent. This can differ from one code to another, namely: it can show the whole player (no box), it can show only one box (a square as big as the player's torso) or a smaller point.

Aimspot is a small white spot that appears on different parts of the body [depending on the settings made] but usually appears on the head / chest.

Also, the silent aim benefits from no-flash and no-smoke [these two facilities can be detected only with the help of the demo !! ]
But, if you accidentally took pictures of a player and a message like "YOU ARE 100% FLASHED" appears on the 'back' of the page, as in this print:

Once the code is activated, it remains activated until it leaves the game! It cannot be deactivated during the game!


Silent aim is a more evolved form of aim hack cheat, the difference between the 2 is that silent aim can be set on head, body or chest without the target jumping when the crosshair is not directly on the opposing player , thus being a bit harder to detect and rarely used, not being as efficient. He acts by sending all the bullets grouped according to the area for which he is set by canceling the recoil and the target does not jump at all. Basically it's like no-recoil but only when you shoot at an opponent and not at walls or other parts.
At awp from what I know it is automatically set on the chest and the effect is similar.
When the salt target is AIM.

Aim: Here it's simple ... the target flies the first man he meets (when he shoots) or from one player to another after the first straw. It will always give you a headshoot, it's practically the easiest to detect.

In short :
1) AIM - shoot and jump target only in the head (easy to detect)
2) Silent AIM (configured to jump in the head) - shoot in the body and at some point jump in the head (it also depends on where you shoot, many are used to shooting in the head, not to be seen as jumping)
3) Silent AIM (configured to hit the chest / belly / legs / hands / head) - quickly kills the opponent. Why? because it can also shoot in addition to boots, the bullet also goes to the chest / belly / legs / hands / head etc (depending on what is closer), but any silent AIM must be configured to hit the head (try / hp, when he kills you to see where he shot you, as he probably sees)
4) Silent AIM (which does not hit the head) or rather no recoil - sets the target on the player (ie follows the opponent), and you can automatically shoot with the weapon that does not jump the target, it is widely used on servers, but it is still CODE because you are not allowed with it in PGL / ACL / ESL is banned

The difference between Silent AIM and no recoil:
Silent AIM jumps alone in the head (hard to notice) depends on its configuration, no recoil does not jump, no recoil you have to give HS (which is a little harder because of the cfg)


It is often encountered in the form of a script that is entered in cfg and activated from a bound key (usually irresistible, because it modifies cl_pitchspeed, which is set by sv automatically)
- The no-recoil represents the absence of the recoil, that is: the target does not move at all, it remains in a fixed point, but the bullets are spread over a certain area.
The only way to detect this code is the demo !!

- It is only found in .exe form.
- No-spred represents the area / spread of the bullets, that is: the bullets are spread over an area set by the code user [or at a fixed point] but the target moves normally [so there is a recoil] also the only method to detect this code is the demo.

Rapidfire / Burst script
Used extremely rarely, it increases the speed of the bullets, meaning the bullets will come out of the gun faster than normal. There are certain scriptures that can do this. It is easily detected, especially by sound.

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